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Music for Little Mozarts

Music for Little Mozarts Classroom Course from Alfreds Publishing, USA is an interactive music introduction course for children aged 3 to 5 years that helps in forming the basic foundations of music. The course takes the children on a musical journey with the help of stories and various characters, helping them to hone skills like listening and comprehension, coordination, rhythm sense, motor skills, etc.

Music for Little Mozarts Course develops the following general musicianship skills


Singing plays an important role in early childhood music learning. The Music for Little Mozarts course uses different types of songs; folk songs for interest and motivation; songs with words and motions to reinforce rhythm, melody and other music concepts.

Playing Instruments

Playing percussion instruments is exciting for children. The tone colours of the various instruments (rhythm sticks, tambourines, shakers, drums) heighten the awareness of musical qualities and patterns. Both physical control (coordinated two-hand movements) and visual control are required for playing most instruments.


Movement develops large motor coordination by moving to the steady beat of the music. It re-energizes children for increased concentration on highly focused activities in the music class.

Visual Representation

Developing skills in reading music begins with the recognition that things - including sounds - can be named and labeled. The music signs like quarter notes, half notes, quarter rests, whole rests and eighth notes are covered.

Concepts and Vocabularly

Rhythmic patterns, treble and bass clefs, dance and opera are also introduced to expand the children's experience with related art forms.


In this course children listen to classical, traditional folk and other music specially composed for the lessons. The children are invited to move in creative and structured ways, and to engage in other activities such as colouring pages while listening.

The course is divided into six terms of twelve classes each

Red Term
Blue Term
Green Term

Class Length

One Hour per Week

Age Group

3 - 5 Year Olds

Piano Keyboard

What are you waiting for?

Introduce you child to the wonderful world of music!

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