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About Our L&D Program

Redefining Education 

At Inspire Learning & Development, we believe in nurturing young minds through flexible and customized curriculums, designed to unleash their full potential. Your child will thrive in a supportive and loving environment, where their curiosity knows no bounds. Whether it's exploring the wonders of science, diving into the realms of literature, or uncovering the mysteries of history, we've got it all covered!



Abeka Phonics is a comprehensive and time-tested phonics program designed to lay a strong foundation for young learners in reading and language arts. Using a systematic approach, Abeka Phonics introduces students to letter recognition, sounds, and blending, gradually building their reading skills. With engaging materials, interactive activities, and age-appropriate exercises, Abeka Phonics makes learning fun and effective!

Speech & Drama

Build better vocabulary, learn to be a clear reader and learn the techniques of acting! We teach the children how to pronounce words correctly, how to be a better public speaker, as well as teaching them the fine point techniques of acting.
Unlock the magic of expression with Speech and Drama! Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, where words transform into captivating performances and emotions take center stage.  voice, explore the depths of character, and let your imagination soar. As we are also affiliated with The London College of Music, and Trinity College London, students also can appear for Drama Exams anually!

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Specialized Courses

At Inspire, Sir Justin conducts engaging and insightful classes on various subjects. His passion for Chess fosters critical thinking and strategic skills in his students. In the Singapore Math classes, he simplifies complex concepts and enhances problem-solving abilities. General Knowledge sessions broaden horizons, making learning exciting and informative. With Mental Math, students sharpen their numerical prowess, gaining mental agility. Additionally, he offers a diverse range of other courses, including Hindi, Science, Math, and Social Studies, catering to ICSE, CBSE, IB, and State Board curriculums, ensuring comprehensive and top-notch education.


Unlock the elegance of handwritten communication with Cursive Classes! Join us on an enchanting journey as we rediscover the art of cursive writing. In our interactive and engaging sessions, students will master the graceful strokes and fluidity of this timeless script. 

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