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Learn To Play Melodica

The melodica is a pretty relaxing instrument, and fast to learn too. It's also pretty adaptable. It can be played to sound almost like a saxophone, or even a really shrill harmonic. The melodica is one of these instruments. It combines the principle of free reed and wind instruments with the virtues of pianos and keyboards. Basically, you’ll get the hang of three instruments, just by learning the one. And if that wasn’t enough, with a melodica you’ll be able to play your first songs in no time, even without any previous knowledge.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Is the Melodica hard to play?

"A Melodica is a free-reed instrument that creates musical notes when air is blown through the mouthpiece and keys are pressed. A melodica looks similar to a miniature keyboard but works more like a clarinet. ... Melodica's are great for getting people into music as they are rather easy to play.


What instrument family is the melodica in?

Wind instrument, Aerophone, Woodwinds, Free reed Aerophone


How is the melodica made?

A melodica is a free-reed instrument that is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece in the side of the instrument or through an air tube. A keyboard on top allows notes to be played by opening a hole for air to flow over a reed and create a note.

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