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Why Should You  Learn Music Theory?


Here is a small list of things that music theory will help you with:

  1. Understanding why your favorite musician used a certain chord in his or her song.

  2. Writing your own songs.

  3. Making nice sounding chord progressions.

  4. Becoming a better at guitar, piano or any instrument you play.

  5. Understanding why music makes you feel a certain emotion.

  6. Writing songs that are incredibly beautiful, catchy, happy, sad, and everything in between.

  7. Filling in the different sections of a song.

  8. Helping you get past writer's block; when you are stuck and you can't think of what to do next.

  9. Understanding what notes to use when you play a melody over a chord progression.

        And much more!!


So keeping all of these things in mind, what is stopping you from learning music theory right now?

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